Passion bicycle race in Kufsteinerland

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Passion bicycle race in Kufsteinerland

The Kufsteinerland cycling marathon enters its second year with new highlights.

A slightly changed, challenging and breathtaking route with additional competitions and side events running throughout the two-day event. With the second Kufsteinerland cycling mara-thon on the 9th and 10th of September, the cycling area around the fortress town will be con-verted into a cycle-racing hotspot.

120 kilometres in distance and an elevation of 1,900 metres with wonderful views, rolling hills and the ‘mountain of suffering’ (Der Leidensberg) as one of the many attractions. Last year numerous competi-tors were brave enough to challenge the Kufsteinerland cycling marathon. The diverse route will once again be demanding of the sportsmen and –women, but pleasure cyclists won’t miss out either, and sprint lovers will conquer the fortress town.

Surprising marathon with views

The second Kufsteinerland cycling marathon will start in the heart of the town. At 9am on the 10th Sep-tember 2017, it will commence from the Oberen Stadtplatz to Thierseetal. The first ascent last year demonstrated that the ‘mountain of suffering’ did justice to its name. The professional cyclist from Kufstein, Maximilian Kuen, describes the two-kilometre-long and steep section as “a really horrible ramp.” Fantastic views of the Tyrolean landscape, the prominent Pendling mountain and the shimmer-ing green lake ‘Thiersee’ offer some compensation for the effort. The route passes through Nieder-breitenbach and Mariastein, then continues to the lake ‘Reinthalersee’ and from there a 3.5 kilometres climb up to Brandenberg. A challenging descent with enjoyable ascents and descents with views of the Kaiser mountain range. The return leg to Kufstein can alter head positions, one after the other, as seen last year. Above all, the Kufsteinerland cycling marathon really is a marathon full of surprises, due to the difficult sections arising in the middle of the race with a relatively long way to go until the finish. The Kufsteinerland cycling marathon leads up to the Tyrolean cycle race cup, alongside the Imst cycle marathon and the Dreiländergiro Nauders cycle marathon. The final award ceremony of this cup will be held as part of the Kufsteinerland cycling marathon. Furthermore, the event will include the CONSUL senior’s cycle marathon cup.

Pleasurable village circuit

The view of the Zahmer Kaiser and the Wilder Kaiser also characterise this panoramic circuit. 50 kilome-tres and an elevation of 450 meters. After leaving Kufstein, the cycle passes through 8 scenic villages in Kufsteinerland. From the Oberen Stadtplatz, the route of the panoramic circuit goes to Unter-langkampfen, Niederbreitenbach, Mariastein and continues to Breitenbach am Inn. It climbs up Kleinsöll and then passes through Angerberg, Angath, Oberlangkampfen, Kirchbichl, the health resort of Bad Häring and Schwoich before returning to Kufstein.

Sprinting Fortress

With a fortress town sprint, the second largest town in the Tyrol will show its sporty side on the day before the main race. Short. Intense. Spectacular through Kufstein.
1.3 kilometres right through the centre. Set against the backdrop of the green river Inn, the lively race will start on 9th September 2017 at 4pm in the Marktgasse, heading over the Fischergriesplatz up to the Oberen Stadtplatz. A slight descent through the Kinkstraße and then to the fortress. The ultra-short race, held alongside the Kufsteinerland cycling marathon, will be ‘great fun for everyone’. Anything technically possible on a bike is allowed, from e-bikes and racing bikes to classic bicycles. The oldest bicycle will receive a special award. Group classifications from 2 participants upwards are also possible.

Side-event highlights

Specialist presentations. Children’s obstacle course. Expo. On Saturday and Sunday, side events relat-ing to the cycling scene will be held alongside the second Kufsteinerland cycling marathon. Things will kick off at 4pm with the fortress town sprint for hobby cyclists. From 6.30pm on Saturday, the latest findings from the sport of cycling will be presented, including eagerly awaited specialist presentations on nutrition and training. On Sunday, a whole-day expo of cycling clothes and accessories will be held. The next generation of racers will be interested in the events after 10am, with the Austrian Automobile Club hosting an obstacle course for children. Culinary delicacies will tickle your tastebuds at the pasta party at 12noon.

The winners

Sunday afternoon will belong to the successful competitors. At about 12.30pm, the prize-giving cere-mony for the panoramic circuit will take place, followed at 3pm by the ceremony for the Kufsteinerland cycling marathon and at 5.30pm that for the fortress town sprint. The prizes will demonstrate once again the rich variety of local companies, from Riedel glasses to baskets of natural products from the region.

Sleep well

The region in and around Kufstein has been well prepared for the second edition of the Kufsteinerland cycling marathon. Competitors and visitors can relax and stay overnight in more than 20 cyclist-friendly accommodations, specialized for sporty guests. Whether you require a holiday flat, a hotel or a guest-house, you can experience the Tyrolean hospitality close-up and personal. If required, the Kufstein Tourist Board can help with finding accommodation.

More information about the individual races and side events of the second Kufsteinerland cycling mara-thon can be found at www.kufsteinerland-radmarathon.at