Successful premiere: glück.tage in the Kufsteinerland went well

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Successful premiere: glück.tage in the Kufsteinerland went well

The dates for the 2nd glück.tage are May 25th to 28th, 2017

Happiness grows when it's shared, and this was proven with six sold-out events and around 2000 visitors to the glück.tage in Kufsteinerland. The brand new festival for literature, philosophy, nature and culinary enjoyment, which attracted not only locals but also visitors to the Kufstein region, has established itself as a new cultural highlight in the Kufsteinerland.

As an introduction, the "KUFSTEIN READS!" initiators Brigitte and Tom Weninger invited bookworms to a LESE.GLÜCK flash mob and poetry slam in the lower town square. Around 350 people read and took part in the poetry slam – a new visitor record for the literature event that has been popular for years.

With almost 1,000 guests, the opening evening with the German star philosopher Dr. Richard David Precht was held in the sold-out passion play house in Erl, and he described, in a critical and entertaining manner, how people often act differently to how they think, and therefore pass by happiness.

Practical impulses for personal happiness were conveyed by best-selling author and top coach Veit Lindau, who on Friday completely filled up the Kaiser tower in the fortress and enthused his audience. Because there were a lot of people who weren't able to get tickets, Lindau will be coming back to Kufstein Sunday November 27th. Details at the fein.kost bookshop.

The talk by Ing. Dr. Erwin Thoma, on Saturday in the completely full Thiersee passion play house, about nature and happiness was extremely authentic and deeply moving. The forestry engineer, best-selling author and wood entrepreneur impressively explained that our connection with nature is not a romantic fiction, but rather is essential on all levels.

The alternative practitioner and geomancer Ing. Astrid Süssmuth generated plenty of "earthy" happiness impulses on two hiking tours to locations in the Kaiser Mountains nature reserve and the mystical Tischofer cave.

The musical and emotional threads connecting all the event evenings were woven by the wonderful Atteso string quartet from Ukraine, which provided a light-hearted mood on master instruments from the Kufstein violin making workshop "Zen" with self-composed melodies from pop to classic.

The initiators of this unusual festival were also very happy that their concept proved popular: "We wanted to create a completely new event format in the region, which really enriched people's lives instead of just being superficially entertaining. A festival for thinkers instead of know-it-alls; for warm-hearted people not whip-crackers; for the wise not the elite intellectuals. Simple events for real people", explained the siblings Thomas and Brigitte Weninger.

The success of the event was also welcomed by the organisers at TVB Kufsteinerland, and all the sponsors who organised and financed the glück.tage festival, and who announced that the festival will be held again from May 25th to 28th, 2017. The top-class opening speaker has already been announced: trend researcher and futurologist Dr. Matthias Horx will talk about "Instructions for future optimism" on May 25th, 2017. Tickets for the next glück.tage are available in autumn from Kufsteinerland and fein.kost.