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Find new strength within fortified walls and surrounded by beautiful nature

There’s probably no better place get a feeling of strength and stability than a fortress. Kufstein Fortress was originally planned to defend the town, but today it’s a place that connects people and is open to everyone – like during the yoga.days from 24 to 26 July 2020. All of Kufsteinerland invites you to enjoy a mindful vacation full of yoga, herbs and Ayurveda surrounded by beautiful mountain scenery. Whether within historical defensive walls, on a stand-up paddle board in the middle of a lake, at a scenic energy place in the Kaiser Mountains or while enjoying lively city flair – in Kufsteinerland, yoga becomes an elemental experience.

The eclectic spectrum of yoga presents itself in a unique festival: Asanas accompanied by piano compositions, dynamic flows of martial artists, dance yoga by ballet dancers, Kundalini and Yin Yoga, breathing exercises and meditation. International and regional teachers from a broad variety of styles give interesting insights into their personal practice, accompanied by evocative music and plenty of positive vibes.

The dance of the elements
During the yoga.days you can dive into the high art of yoga in special locations, surrounded by the power of the elements. Stone and earth influence the sessions at Kufstein Fortress that are combined with a herbal workshop, water supports participants in yoga on SUPs, pure air surrounds them at Brentenjoch. All these are energy places that encourage you to let go, find your stability and show your endurance and strength.

Retreat & festival highlights
Highlights of the festival include drumming courses and “Yoga Piano” sessions on 25 July with composer Andreas Loh. In his innovative take on yoga he combines the practice with his own piano compositions that are coordinated with the flow of breath, the Yoga Talas. The goal is to use the calming effect of music and breathing to support the harmony between body and soul. All those who would like to experience the yoga world of Andreas Loh more intensively can book the “A harmony of being” retreat before the festival from 19 to 23 July. Jack Waldas trained at the Ballet School New York and is also a yoga teacher. He combines the joy of movement in dance with the meditative elements of yoga. On 25 July, musician, martial artist and yoga philosophy expert Robert Ehrenbrand brings together the movement concepts from yoga with bodyweight exercises, intense breathing techniques and dynamic flows to create a fascinating symbiosis. His “Becoming Me” course in the Kultur Quartier is suitable for all levels.

The Early Bird Ticket for €99 offers three days of yoga, a concert and workshops in Kufsteinerland to enjoy and relax. Accommodation can be booked individually. Yogis benefit from convenient train connections to Kufstein for environmentally-friendly arrival to the yoga.days. The KufsteinerlandCard, which is valid from the second vacation day, makes the yoga.days even more attractive with discounts for sights, attractions and events . Guests receive their personalised card directly from their accommodation provider.